GRE Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology

The total number of questions on the GRE Biochemistry is 175 grouped in sets. The questions of the test has been divided into three major areas:

  • Biochemistry
  • Cell Biology
  • Molecular Biology and Genetics

The score report categorizes the score into subscore, one for each major area. Usually, the applicant of the disciplines of Life Sciences, Biology, Environment sciences are required to take GRE Biochemistry for the admission in postgraduate studies.

Skills Required:

Though the test is subject test and the discipline is biochemistry yet the mathematical skills are required to solve many of the questions on the test. You need to calculate many items. As the calculator is not allowed to use during the test, you have to make calculations yourself.
Second important skill required is data interpretation. In methodology question you are to derive data from graphs and charts. You need a lot of practice for such type of questions.

Diversity of Test Takers:

The test takers for the GRE Biochemistry do not belong to a specific region in the world rather they belong to whole of the world. So there is a diversity of undergraduate curricula, few test takers will have encountered all of the topics in the content outline. Consequently, no examinee should expect to be able to answer all questions on the edition of the test he or she takes. In developing questions for the test, the test development committee considers all factors.

Sub Scores:

The three subscore areas (Biochemistry, Cell Biology, and Molecular Biology and Genetics) are interrelated. So the individual questions or sets of questions may test more than one content area. Therefore, the relative emphases of the three areas in the outline given in the download should not be considered definitive. Likewise, the topics listed are not intended to be all-inclusive but, rather, representative of the typical undergraduate experience.

Sample Questions:

Practice questions play an important role in your preparation. You can download standard practice question from here for the familiarity of the test questions.

biochemistry sample pdf

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